Would Inez Fung join?

Yes, She is a professional women and both science and educational careers are represented. She would encourage NAPW to do more work with inspiring younger girls, rather than focusing all their attention on teaching each other.


NAPW is very similar to a social network in which women can join and connect with others in their fields. It is meant to help women share ideas and opportunities, as well as promote their own businesses. Members also get discounts at many retailers and restaurants. Deals with Cell phone companies are an example. They also have a career center to help women with their resumes. You can be a mentor or be mentored by other members in the same field as you.

Did Gender Affect their Careers?

This is a very possible yes. Fung had to work for much longer to prove herself before she could get the same job Culler did right after he graduated. Her awards and distinctions go far beyond Culler’s, however they hold the same rank today in their separate fields.
However, it is hard to say for sure if Fung wanted to do the extra research or if it was required to get her job, and also the Environmental Science field was not as up and coming as Computer Science was when each of them graduated.

David E. Culler

Like Inez Fung, David E. Culler is a professor at UC Berkeley. They are both Directors of their departments, however Culler is a Computer Scientist as well as an Electrical Engineer. They both worked on the UC Berkeley HydroWatch program together, and they are also both MIT Grads. Culler got his Ph.D there 12 years later that Fung.
Culler has been working at UC Berkeley for 22 years, as he got his job the same year he graduated in 1989. He is the Founding Director of Intel Research there, however that has not always been his only job. He was also a co-founder of the Arch Rock Corporation which specialized in wireless network grids, which was recently bought by Cisco.
His main research has contributed to the development of SmartDust, which is a work in progress designed to be incredibly small sensors that will record temperature, light, vibration, etc. He created TinyOS (literally Tiny Operating System) which was considered one of the ten technologies most likely to change the world.

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