Inez Fung’s most monumental contribution to the world of science!

Most ground breaking work is her research and tracking of the Carbon Sink- Which stores carbon dioxide. This work could mean serious improvements on the containment of global warming. Her focus on the ocean as a natural Carbon Sink has been the most influential, as she is tracking how global warming could affect their natural abilities to contain the carbon. She has already discovered that the droughts caused by current global warming are reducing the land’s natural ability to uptake Carbon Dioxide.

Currently she is working on a project called “HydroWatch” which is designed to re-examine the water cycle on a deeper level that adds the biological element. The purpose of this is to predict the way the changes in the climate that will affect the water cycle’s impact on life on Earth.

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Secondary Source


Fung’s Accomplishments are noted as she visits Yale University. Her brief biography is noted about how she grew up in Hong Kong then moved to MIT. The basis of her studies is her idea that the climate is directly connected to the atmosphere and the surface of the land. This source is great, it gives a brief history of her past and a comprehensive summary of her academic focuses which have been previously difficult to find.

Primary Source

Fung, Inez. “CHALLENGES OF CLIMATE MODELING.” Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center (2007): n. pag. Web. 12 Sep 2011. <  paperID=2225&mode=abstract>.


This is a journal Fung published regarding Climate Models and their usefulness for conservation of mass, momentum, and energy. This source is highly technical, but gives deep information supporting Fung as a scientist and her specialties and passions. She also provides information regarding Numerical weather predictions and how they’ve changed over the years. Good source, doesn’t give any biographical information though.


Primary Source

“Anatomy of a Climate Model: How Robust are Climate Projections?.” Google Tech Talks. 02-11-11. Web. 12 Sep 2011. <>.

This is a lecture Fung gave about climate change and projections and how legitimate climate projections are when meteorologists can’t even predict the weather farther than two weeks in advance. She begins the talk with the brief history of meteorology and the first predictions, noting that the first successful 24 hour advanced prediction took 24 hours to make.This source is deep, using a lot of meteorology jargon. It is not easy to understand by any means, but it gives insight into her teaching strategy and her passions.


Primary Source

Fung, Inez. “Inez Fung.” University of California, Berkeley. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Sep 2011. < >.


This source is Fung’s University profile page, which includes a list of her published works, the courses she is teaching, her position at UC Berkeley, academic background, list of honors, and her personal writing about her research interests. This is a primary source because it is her own words. Her main interest is the relationship between climate change and biogeochemical cycles.


Secondary Source

“The Inez Fung Scrapbook.” I was wondering; A curious look at Women’s adventures in Science. National Academy of Sciences, n.d. Web. 12 Sep 2011. < inez_scrapbook_main.html>.


A simple, comprehensive look at Fung’s Life, this source gives a lot of information about her life and her science. She is a climate scientist who specializes in why the climate changes over time. A quote of hers is presented in which she tells why she loves science, that she does it for the feeling she gets when she figures something out rather than the money compensation she receives. Her methods of research, using supercomputers and complex math, are discussed as well as lighter topics such as who she is married to. From her childhood on Hong Kong Island to her voyage across the globe to MIT, detail is given with simplicity so that a young student could comprehend the material. The material gets more complex as it goes into her studies of CO2 and her accomplishments are noted. Very good source, meant for younger reader, but it is still very informative.

Secondary Source

United States. President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts.          Washington D.C.: Office of the Press Secretary, 2010. Web. 12 Sep 2011. < 2010/09/17/president-obama-announces-more-key- administration-posts>.

Fung’s awards and accomplishments are discussed. Her qualifications are noted as she is appointed as a member of the President’s committee on the National Medal of Science. Some of her notable achievements mentioned are a noble peace prize given to a project she was a contributor on, she was awarded the Roger Revelle Medal of the American Geophysical union, and she also won the World Technology Network Award for the Environment. This source is short and not very thorough, but it is decent for a quick list.

Inez Fung

Inez Fung was born and raised in Hong Kong, China before attending MIT. She majored in Applied Mathematics and was intrigued on how they could predict the changes in weather, which prompted her to pursue her Doctorate in Meteorology, making her the first woman to ever receive a doctoral degree from there.