David E. Culler

Like Inez Fung, David E. Culler is a professor at UC Berkeley. They are both Directors of their departments, however Culler is a Computer Scientist as well as an Electrical Engineer. They both worked on the UC Berkeley HydroWatch program together, and they are also both MIT Grads. Culler got his Ph.D there 12 years later that Fung.
Culler has been working at UC Berkeley for 22 years, as he got his job the same year he graduated in 1989. He is the Founding Director of Intel Research there, however that has not always been his only job. He was also a co-founder of the Arch Rock Corporation which specialized in wireless network grids, which was recently bought by Cisco.
His main research has contributed to the development of SmartDust, which is a work in progress designed to be incredibly small sensors that will record temperature, light, vibration, etc. He created TinyOS (literally Tiny Operating System) which was considered one of the ten technologies most likely to change the world.

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